More type-heavy work and concept projects

This section is currently under construction! Please bear with me as I slowly update! Thank you!

logo, design, typography, hand-drawn, vector, graphics

Alice in Wonderland Redesign.

A concept idea I had to redesign Alice in Wonderland for YA Readers.

Alice full-cover spread. A concept idea.

SCBWI Concept Logo- entered into the 2013 Logo Contest held by the Metro NY Chapter of SCBWI (Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators).

This stationery set was created to represent the history of the NYC neighborhood South of Houston Street, or SOHO, which was formerly known as the “Cast Iron District.”

"How to Bee"- plates that serve a good message

A second YA redesign of Alice in Wonderland

[this project is still being worked on!]

Concept logo for "Brooklyn Toy Company"

Concept poster design for a fictional benefit concert to raise awareness of the dolphins of Japan.